The 2023 Examination Series will take place in all St. Cecilia Examination Centres world-wide. Entries are now being accepted for scheduled sessions via our on-line entry system OR by manually completing an entry form. Closing dates, fees and other relevant information may be found on this website. Email St.Cecilia for further information

Professional arts educators, directors, administrators and school/studio owners who are able to demonstrate their commitment to arts education through what they have already successfully established, may be elligible to apply for Licentiate Diploma status through St. Cecilia. Each applicant will be assisted in the process and provided with clear guidelines on how to apply.

St. Cecilia has introduced a new world-first examination subject which will be especially suited to multi-talented musicians requiring formal recognition for their outstanding abilities. Teachers and musicians who wish to receive a copy of the new syllabus may register their interest now.

In addition to offering face-to-face examinations, St. Cecilia provides video as well as live on-line practical examinations throughout the world at all grade, concert certificate, recital certificate and diploma levels. These examinations follow the syllabus requirements exactly and standards are in no way lessened or compromised. On-line examinations follow a set of easy to follow guidelines and regulations and are carefully planned so that the teacher and student is given the best possible experience in a comfortable yet professional setting. Contact St. Cecilia directly for more details.

Musicians whose expertise is focussed on music research and/or musicology are invited to submit their thesis for approval at anytime. Diplomas are available at the Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship levels. Guidelines and requirements are printed within the St. Cecilia Diploma syllabus and entry forms may be down-loaded from our website Entry may also be completed and paid on-line. Contact St. Cecilia for more details.

St. Cecilia offers a comprehensive suite of Teaching and Performing Diplomas. Teacher-training courses are available for the Certificate of Music Teaching, Associate Diploma and Licentiate Diplomas. Contact St. Cecilia for further details including enrolments, course structure and fees.

The following syllabuses have been updated and are now available for downloading from our website under EXAMINATIONS – SYLLABUSES:

  • Pianoforte, Piano Duet, Digital Piano, Modern Piano (Incorporating Jazz styles)
  • Woodwind (Flute, BbClarinet, Saxophone)
  • Brass (Treble and Bass clef instruments)
  • Strings (Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass)
  • Classical Guitar
  • Singing
  • Contemporary Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Ukulele New in 2022
  • Theory of Music
  • Certificate of Performing Arts
  • Musicianship & Precision-Reading
  • Choral Ensemble
  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Certificate of Music Teaching (all subjects)
  • Diplomas (Performing – all subjects; Teaching – all subjects; Research, Composition) – Associate, Licentiate, Fellowship

All syllabuses are also available as hard copies. Please ensure you are working from the current syllabus.

Examination sessions for Australia and New Zealand for 2023 are detailed below. For centres in Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong and elsewhere, contact the local coordinator. Examinations may be arranged at anytime should numbers of candidates allow.

March/April Series (27 March – 6 April). Closing Date for entries: 22nd February, 2023

June Series (1-30 June). Closing Date for entries: 22nd April, 2023

September Series (1-22 Sept). Closing Date for entries: 22nd July, 2023

November Series (1-30 Nov). Closing Date for entries: 22nd August, 2023

December Series (1-17 Dec). Closing Date for entries: 22nd September 2023

Late December Series – Tasmania only (18-23 Dec). Closing Date for entries: 22nd October 2023

St. Cecilia Examinations is fully aware that whilst many teachers are experts in the field of music teaching and have a long and successful record of outstanding experience and service, they often do not hold formal music teaching qualifications. We are inviting teachers to consider applying for our teaching diplomas using the Recognition of Prior Learning & Experience category. Confidential assistance and further details may be obtained by emailing the Examinations Department at

Students who wish to transfer from one examination session to another may do so by completing a new entry form and submitting with a $55.00 administrative transfer fee ($150 for all Diplomas). This is particularly useful for students who feel they are insufficiently prepared for their scheduled examination or who are unable to attend due to other clashing events. Transfers cannot be made retrospectively and can only be used during a regular examination session within the same calendar year. December candidates cannot take advantage of transfers. Name, grade and instrument changes are not permitted. Transfers may be completed on-line.

The Certificate of Performing Arts Examinations have been designed to encourage performers at any age and level to experience a range of artistic pursuits and be appropriately assessed and rewarded. This course is particularly suited to a class situation e.g… dance studios, drama schools, music schools. Examinations are currently available at three elementary levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold and four grade levels i.e. CPA 1,2,3 and 4. Higher levels are currently being finalised. Students may elect to choose a series of performance opportunities which include – Instrumental Performance, Dance, Drama, Speech, Language, Singing. Contact St. Cecilia for more information.

Students who successfully complete ALL St. Cecilia examinations Grades 1- 8 may apply for the Special Certificate of Merit – a smart hand-inscribed certificate issued by St. Cecilia free of charge. Certified copies of all certificates must be forwarded as evidence to St. Cecilia along with full address details. Please allow six weeks for processing.

The Musicianship / Precision Reading syllabus  provides teachers and students with a detailed course of aural training and precision-reading (sight-reading) from Grade 1 through to Grade 8. These examinations may be taken either independently or alongside the practical examination. A separate report and certificate will be issued.

The St. Cecilia School of Music is offering training courses for students wishing to complete the requirements for the Certificate of Music Teaching (CMT). Courses can be tailor-made over a short period e.g. a weekend course. The CMT covers teaching at the beginner, junior and preliminary  levels and focuses on the business as well as the educational aspects of a music teaching practice. St. Cecilia is able to organise courses anywhere throughout the world. Course and examination fees can be reduced for Studios/Schools who organise group classes. Contact St. Cecilia for further details.

Students who complete St. Cecilia Grade (Practical and Theory) and/or Concert Certificate examinations may have their success registered and listed with the various State & Territory educational authorities e.g. QCE TCE SACE. Please note that VIC, NSW, WA and NZ do not participate in this scheme. Conditions vary for each jurisdiction. Musicians who wish to add to their qualifications by enrolling in the various tertiary courses offered throughout the world are advised to contact each institution individually to ascertain entrance and audition requirements.

St.Cecilia’s theory of music syllabus is a refreshing approach to the study of theory and is the most comprehensive examination syllabus available. The syllabus covers all grades from Beginner through to Grade 8. Workbooks and Sample Paper Books ensure students are thoroughly prepared for each level. More and more students are taking advantage of using their theory result as a substitute for the Programme Notes section of their practical exam. Entry for the Theory of Music examinations may be made at anytime but dates, venues and times need to confirmed beforehand.

The next Annual St. Cecilia Hong Kong International Music Competition will be held in July 2023 over a three week period. New classes and additional awards and performance opportunities are currently being planned. Details for the HK Competition may be obtained by contacting the local coordinator for the Competition, Da Capo Music (852) 3542 3316 & (852) 3542 3347 or emailing

St. Cecilia’s popular examination albums for Pianoforte, Violin and Theory are available directly from all principal music stores or by contacting the official publisher, Dynamic Publishing  Registered St. Cecilia teachers receive a generous discount when ordering directly.

St. Cecilia accepts all major forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Direct Credit, Postal Orders, Cheques.  Please note that PayPal is not accepted by St. Cecilia as a means of payment. Payment may be made in the following currencies: Australian Dollar; New Zealand Dollar; Euro; US Dollar; Singapore Dollar. As from January 2020, Kiwibank New Zealand will no longer accept cheques. Alternative arrangements have been set in place for teachers wishing to continue cheque transactions in NZ.  Please contact St. Cecilia for more details and payment options.

SCSM is pleased to invite teachers to join its Teacher Registry. Teachers who choose to use the SCSM Examinations may register as FULL members and can take advantage of the following membership benefits immediately:

  • a personalised & professional membership certificate
  • the right to use the post-nominal letters “Reg’d SCSM Teacher”
  • student/teacher referrals throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia
  • priority notification and free admittance to special SCSM events, functions & meetings
  • discounts from Jayday Music Education, Barratt’s Music (Launceston) and Dynamic Publishing (up to 20%)
  • reduced fees/discounts on student examination fees for 12 or more entries

Application and payment may be made on-line OR by downloading and completing the application form:

Holders of St. Cecilia diplomas may make written application to receive the equivalent qualification with the ASMC. A reciprocal arrangement with ASMC and St. Cecilia recognises the standards of each board. Details and application forms are available from the ASMC website

SCSM is pleased to accept Grade 8 (and higher) in all practical subjects from other major national and international examining boards for  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) credits towards the four St. Cecilia Teaching Diplomas. The pre-requisite performance unit of these diplomas may be waived according to the diploma entered and the qualifications already gained. Requests for credit should be made before submitting diploma entry forms.