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Diplomas (Teaching and Performing) - Associate, Licentiate, Fellowship

St. Cecilia offers a complete range of professional diploma examinations in all subjects. All St. Cecilia Diplomas represent a high level of musical and technical competency.

The Associate Diploma (A.Dip.SCSM) requires a performance programme between 32-38 minutes in length. The choice of items is a major part of the overall assessment.

The Licentiate Diploma of the St. Cecilia School of Music (L.Dip.SCSM) represents a professional level of study and performance practice.

Diplomas are offered in Performance, Teaching, Duet Performance, Accompanying, Theory, Composition, Research and Musicology, Church Music and Arts Education.

The Fellowship Diploma (F.Dip.SCSM) may be taken at most centres throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. Special application must be made for this exceptionally prestigious examination.

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